Instructions for Authors

Information about the authors of the submitted manuscripts should be specified on a separate title page. On the title page, the title of the article, the names and surnames of the authors, their title, Orcid numbers, working addresses and e-mail addresses should be specified. At the end of the page, the address, telephone and e-mail address of the corresponding author must be included. The page should be prepared with Microsoft Office Word and saved as “Title Page” and the extension of the file should be in .docx or .doc format.

Manuscript Drafts

You should download and prepare your article in the draft file suitable for the type of your article (research, review or case report) given below.

Research Article

Case Report

Review Article

Journal Policies

You should prepare your manuscript according to the “Journal Policies” file given below.


References should be in APA 7 format. You can find the APA 7 Rules file below.

The Copyright Transfer Form

After your manuscript is accepted, you must fill in the Copyright Transfer Form and send it to the editor. Explanations about this are on the last page of the file.