Aim and Scope

Current Research and Reviews in Psychology and Psychiatry is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published biannually (December and June). Submitted manuscripts to CRRPP should be in English or Turkish. The CRRPP publishes original research articles, reviews and case report from different fields such as psychology and psychiatry, nursing, child development, and social work.

The audience of the CRRPP is primarily researchers and academicians in the fields of psychology and psychiatry, as well as researchers and academicians in related fields such as sociology, economics, anthropology, child development, nursing and social work. The primary purpose of CRRPP is to provide original, high quality and innovative studies in the field of mental health and to provide up-to-date information and experience sharing, and contribute to the development of publishing activities in these fields.

Journal Information

Journal Name: Current Research and Reviews in Psychology and Psychiatry

Journal Short Name: Curr Res Rev Psychol Psychiatr

Journal Abbreviation: CRRPP

Publication Year: 2021

Type of Journal: Periodical, Peer-Reviewed & Scientific